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2022 Thrift Store Bingo: Make This Year Your Year

2022 Thrift Store Bingo: Make This Year Your Year

Are you ready to slip on your sleuthing hat and find some hidden treasures in the thrift store this year? From pear-shaped plates to questionable graphic tees, thrift stores often have a range of interesting, unique, and often wacky finds. Whether you’re enjoying a solo hunt or a group outing, adding a little thrift store bingo into the mix gives you an extra challenge and fun activity to relish on top of the general excitement of thrifting. Here’s a little 2022 thrift store bingo to make this year your year and help you find the hidden gems of your local thrifting scene.

Hats From the ’90s

Hats off to the ’90s for creating some of the most beloved stars and memorable on-screen hits, from Clueless and Friends to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Boy Meets World. The ’90s and all of its hits brought many fashionable influences into the world, including prints, color-blocking, layers, and some truly memorable hats. As you peruse your local thrift shops in Philadelphia or elsewhere, be on the lookout for bucket hats, snapbacks, newsboys, berets, and other hits from the ’90s. Collect these items to fill in your first bingo square.

Plaid Pants

Next stop: plaid pants. From leggings to work pants, plaid’s checkered pattern adds a little color and design to outfits. Styling plaid can be challenging, but it makes a bold fashion statement when paired with a blazer, plain tops, and the right color scheme.

Tip: Find one color (or more) in the plaid to work with. Get mad about plaid and have fun mixing it up.

Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts are a thrift store classic. They embody the carefree vibes of a family vacation in the tropics. Their fun prints, lightweight fabric, and colorful trademarks make them a traditional fit throughout the decades. Securing a Hawaiian shirt this year through thrifting is a classic accomplishment worthy of your next vacation and your bingo card.

Unconventional Quotes

Like a misprinted fortune cookie or clever play on words, unconventional quotes make you do a double-take. These are no strangers to the thrift store scene. Thrift stores can be a great place to find an array of items featuring strange and questionable wording. Stitched pillows, printed shirts, and motivational posters can all make the perfect foundation for imperfect quotations. Thrift store bingo wouldn’t be complete without a couple of wacky gems, so head out and search for the weirdest quote on any treasure you can find. Or upcycle a thrifted pillow or tee and make your own unconventional quote.

Fruit-Shaped Kitchenware

Many kitchens have featured fruit-shaped or food-like items on their shelves at some point. Alongside Hawaiian shirts and questionable quotes, fruit-shaped kitchenware makes our list of strange yet not uncommon finds. From butter knives to bowls and teapots, many pieces of kitchenware resemble a tasty snack and add a little extra cuteness to a kitchen’s aesthetic. Continue this fruity trend and scout out fruit-shaped kitchenware for 2022’s thrift store bingo challenge.

Thrift shops are a treasure trove of fun, interesting, and noteworthy items. There are many more 2022 thrift store bingo items to explore to make this year your year for a thrifting success. You can even create one yourself for more specific finds that match your needs or general curiosity. Head into our stores soon to discover the find of all finds.