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4 retro styles to find in a thrift store.

4 retro styles to find in a thrift store

Retro fashion is back and is a fun and unique way to express yourself. Here are four retro styles to look for in a thrift store.

‘60s dresses

One word that defines this retro trend look that’s back with a vengeance is hemline.

From floor-dusting maxi dresses to above-the-knee A-line dresses (a soft and flowy silhouette), look for dresses that come in bright colors and bold patterns. And don’t forget to see if you can thrift for some ‘60s-inspired accessories, like white sunglasses or wedge sandals.

‘70s bell bottoms

Bell bottoms have found their way in and out of fashion trends for decades, but they were most famous on the streets and on the dance floor in the ‘70s. The silhouette of the pants was high-waisted and flared out from the calf down. Today, you’ll see them in wide and even wider silhouettes, embellished, bleached, distressed, or patchwork. If you can snag a pair while thrifting, you can upcycle them to a look that’s all your own for a look that says now.

‘80s suits are back

“Power dressing” was huge in the ‘80s. All those oversized jackets, jewel tones, and don’t forget those shoulder pads. Thrifting for complete suits and inserting your own shoulder pads if need be, or finding a men’s blazer—which will look great paired with a pencil skirt or jeans, btw—is a great way to play with your style.

‘90s tracksuits

These nylon suits were all the rage in the last two decades of the 20th century and are making their way back in style. Thrift stores can be the ideal place to find authentic ‘90s tracksuits in different colors, styles, and materials. Don’t forget if you’re shopping in the women’s section to check the men’s and vice versa, because you never know what you’ll find—and what will fit.

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