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5 Secrets to Finding Quality Clothing at Thrift Shops

5 Secrets to Finding Quality Clothing at Thrift Shops

Chances are, you know someone who is always wearing the cutest clothes that they “got at a thrift store.” But, when you go to the thrift store, you can spend hours and never find something that works. What’s their secret? We have the answers you’ve been looking for—the tricks of the trade you need for success. Take a look at some top-notch secrets to finding quality clothing at thrift shops. Soon, you’ll be the one saying you got it at a thrift store!

Know What Fabrics and Colors You Want

Thrift stores can be overwhelming, which is what makes a lot of people just skim the surface. That’s a surefire way to leave empty-handed, though. Instead, go into the store with fabrics, colors, and textures you want in mind. Solid thrifters can go through and feel things on the racks and know whether it’ll work for them. Pulling everything off the rack is way too time-consuming. If you can quickly assess the clothing, you’ll see more pieces that you love!

If You’re Interested, Roll With It

If something catches your eye, put it in the cart! It’s one of those thrift shopping secrets that any seasoned thrifter will tell you. The less picky you are before you try it on, the better. Some clothes don’t look like much when they’re on the rack, but then once you try them on, they’re flattering. Keep an open mind—it’ll lead to more finds!

Head in Often, Especially in the Morning

One of the top secrets to finding quality clothing at thrift shops has to do with how often you go. Literally, thousands of new pieces are added every day, so if you don’t find something one day, you’re sure to find something the next. Better yet, improve your chances of finding items that haven’t been picked through by going in the morning. When you go often and shop in the morning, you’re giving yourself a better chance to find quality items.

Shop in Other Departments

Another big tip is to shop in other departments. You don’t have to stick to the women’s section or the men’s section. The more versatile you get in your department shopping, the better chance you have of finding something spectacular. Things aren’t always where they belong, and people tend to hide or discard finds on random racks. Better yet, you can find oversized sweaters in the men’s section or dresses in the kids’ section. Get creative!

Don’t Stress About Size

In that same realm, try not to stress about size. It doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker when it comes to thrifted pieces. Baggy things can be cinched, tucked in, or hemmed. The next time you head to the thrift shop, try on those bigger pieces and see how you can play with their shape. Some of your best thrift finds may take some adjustments, but once made, they’ll become staple pieces!

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