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5 Ways You Can Repurpose Used Clothing

5 Ways You Can Repurpose Used Clothing

There’s something special about going into a thrift store and taking everything in. You can really start to feel all the possibilities that are before you when you walk through those doors. It’s well-known that most thrift stores have an abundance of clothing, but what if that’s not what you want? The great thing about used clothing is that it is often very inexpensive, allowing you the freedom to use it however you wish. Here are a few ways you can repurpose used clothing for your own needs.

Reusable Food Wrap

Plastic wrap is a huge menace to our planet, but luckily you can cut it out entirely with a little ingenuity. All you need is a bit of melted beeswax, some cut-out squares of what used to be clothing, and a little time to dry. You’ll have a perfect plastic wrap substitute that you can use to wrap food and containers, and you’ll have a much better use for those old pieces of clothing.

Unique Pillowcases

Sweaters and old flannels are the perfect materials to use when you want to make your own pillowcases. Just head to your local thrift store, find a comfortable material, and get to cutting. You’ll need a little bit of sewing knowledge to pull this one off, but pillowcases are some of the easiest things to sew. Even if you’re not wearing the garment, you shouldn’t let a comfy material go to waste!

Easy Loungewear

One of the easiest ways you can repurpose old clothing is by simply turning it into loungewear. It’s a great alternative to taking the time to repair and alter clothing to fit you perfectly. Just get rid of any part of the clothing that isn’t comfortable. You’ll only be wearing it at home, so it doesn’t need to look perfect.

Clothes To Bags

Fabric is fabric, after all, no matter where it comes from. T-shirts, sweatshirts, denim jeans—they can all turn into useful bags that don’t contribute to more plastic waste. These bags can be as simple or as elaborate as your sewing skills allow, but definitely don’t buy grocery store reusable bags when these are so easy to make out of used clothing.

Baby Clothes

This is for the true crafters and sewers out there. If you want to challenge yourself, you can turn old adult clothing into clothing for babies instead. It’ll take a good deal of cutting and sewing, but it will be cheaper overall than splurging on new baby clothing every couple of months.

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