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7 Items You’re Better Off Buying Secondhand

7 Items You’re Better Off Buying Secondhand

Budgeting is a difficult process for many people. Sometimes, it can mean totally cutting out that extra spending you’ve been doing for years—no more coffee shop coffee in the mornings, and no more weekly shopping trips. Though it’s important for us to outline a budget and stick to it, there are ways to still get in those things we enjoy while simultaneously trimming our budget.

When it comes to shopping, trimming the budget can mean various things—shopping less, buying less, and checking out the sales section more. However, one of the best ways is by buying items previously owned. In fact, there are quite a few items you’re better off buying secondhand. We have them listed below—trim your budget, get the things you need, all for a fraction of the typical price!


Though you may miss the crisp smell of a brand-new book, used books and textbooks are a much smarter choice. Digital books have soared in popularity over the past few years, and because of that, secondhand stores are bursting with fantastic paper books. Get your textbooks or books for class at a fraction of the price, and beef up your home library with books you find at thrift stores, yard, sales, or flea markets. It’s a search you won’t regret taking.

Baby and Kid Clothing

Kids grow out of clothing fast. Do yourself a favor and don’t spend too much money on the latest cute new trends, because they’ll grow out of it in a few months. Especially for baby clothes, buying secondhand is a smart way to save, since you’ll spend more money on the car seats, cribs, and other important baby gear. You can still get name-brand; you’ll just get it in a smarter way!

Designer Clothes

Similarly, designer clothes are the perfect thing to buy secondhand. These pieces are made to last longer than fast fashion trends, so when you wait a bit and then purchase secondhand, you get the best deal. You may have to do some perusing and visit different stores, but you can find some truly unique pieces!

Small Appliances and Electronics

A lot of thrift and consignment stores will have an appliance and electronic section that’s perfect for perusing. Find gifts for the video game lovers in your life, pick up some of your favorite old-school DVDs, or get a blender that actually works way better than the dusty one you have in your house. There are tons of great appliances and electronics that are refurbished and in wonderful quality.


Furniture is one of the best things to buy secondhand. Not only will the kitchen table you find add some history to your space, but it will be that much easier to transform to your own. You can take that side table and re-stain it to fit your home and it will still cost less than buying a brand new one. You’ll find a lot of high-quality pieces that you can do a lot with—before you head to a big box store, check out a thrift shop.

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