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Budget-Conscious Holiday Decorating Ideas

Budget-Conscious Holiday Decorating Ideas
Trying to get through the holidays on a budget is one tough job. We have a few decorating ideas that should help ease that burden just a little bit.

While the holidays are certainly a time for merriment and fun, those of us who live on a budget know that they can also be a real strain on the old wallet. If you enjoy decorating for the holidays, it can be disheartening to see how much some of the really nice decorations can be. However, just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to give up your holiday traditions. We have a few budget-conscious holiday decorating ideas that should make the upcoming holidays that much merrier without breaking your bank.

Buy Your Decorations Secondhand

We’re obviously a fan of buying secondhand holiday decorations. Every year, people drop off their old holiday décor to make room for other things, and you can find great deals on a lot of expensive items at thrift stores like ours. One good tip for the future is to buy these decorations out of season when the demand is much lower, and your choices are much more varied.

Decorating Your Tree

If you celebrate Christmas, you know that the tree is the centerpiece. Lights and ornaments can get expensive, though. One of the best ways we’ve found to replace expensive ornaments is to make your own. You can buy clear plastic ornaments in bulk for very cheap. Then, fill them with paint, glitter, confetti, and anything else you can fit inside of them for a beautiful effect.

Wrapping Paper Is Key

You’d be surprised how much wrapping paper you can get for a relatively low cost. The great thing about wrapping paper is how versatile it is—you can wrap anything in it to create a more cheerful feel. From serving dishes to fake presents made of cardboard, wrapping paper is your key to making anything in your house feel a little more festive.

Fake Greenery

Not only are real plants expensive, but they can be a hassle to keep alive and attractive. Fake greenery, especially holiday-themed ones like holly and mistletoe, can add a touch of the festivities anywhere you place them. On shelves, around doors, in windows, or just arranged on a table, you don’t need to go crazy with these, either. A little bit goes a long way.

These budget-conscious holiday decorating ideas are just a few ways you can save a bit of money while maintaining that great holiday spirit. We at 2nd Avenue thrift stores want you to have everything you need for your festivities. Come check out our thrift store in Laurel, MD, or any of our other many locations, to see what goodies we have ready for you.