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Common Thrift Store Terms To Know

Common Thrift Store Terms To Know

As thrifting becomes less of a hobby and more of a way of life for some people, the culture surrounding thrifting has grown as well. People plan their days around when they’ll be thrift shopping; it’s become a social activity everyone can enjoy. Along with this, thrifting has developed a sort of language all its own. If you’re new to the thrifting space, you might not know there are common thrift store terms to know as you walk through the aisles and connect with other shoppers.

The “Thrift Tour”

One of the best parts about thrifting is you never know what you’ll find at a specific store. That’s why some people plan “thrift tours” to multiple different thrift stores to see what unique items they can find. When thrifting becomes a way of life, tours are just a normal weekend activity.

A “Haul”

Savvy thrift shoppers know how to find incredible deals on our racks and shelves. Because our prices tend are more affordable than retail, you can get way more for your money. Saying you got a “haul” of good stuff is telling someone that you got a lot of great finds for very little money.


You may have heard some people refer to thrift stores as “secondhand” stores. This term refers to the fact that the merchandise you’re buying was previously owned by someone else. Therefore, you’re getting it secondhand from them, rather than firsthand from the supplier.

Your “Thrift Twin”

Once you start going to the same thrift stores regularly, you’ll start seeing some familiar faces. These faces will quickly become more than just the employees who work there. If you notice someone who seems to be in the same aisle or choosing similar clothing as you, you’ve found yourself a “thrift twin”. Don’t be afraid to go say hello!

“Deadstock” and “Overstock”

When a retail shop goes goes out of business and needs to get rid of their merchandise, this “deadstock” often falls into the hands of thrift stores. In a similar vein, “overstock” is merchandise a larger retailer ordered too much of and therefore couldn’t sell. Both of these offer wonderful opportunities to save money on incredible finds.

A “Thrift Gem”

As common thrift store term you’ll hear a lot once you begin your thrifting spree is hearing about someone’s “gem”. Just like a precious gemstone, this one item was hidden away and took some real digging to find. Its beauty speaks for itself and makes the search worth it in the end.

You can hear all these terms and more at our thrift store in Colombia, MD, or any of our other stores. 2nd Avenue Thrift Superstores treasures our frequent shoppers and newcomers alike. Come down and see us and we’ll teach you all the lingo you need to know.