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Fall Decorating On a Budget

Fall Decorating On a Budget

Hello Fall! It’s that time of the year…decorating for fall! While the first thing that may come to mind are pumpkins and faux leaves, there are so many other ways to simply transform your space. More often than not, many of the common decor items you envision in your home can be thrifted for half the price. Save money AND time with a one stop shop to your local 2nd Ave Thrift Superstore!

One easy way to incorporate some fall coziness is by bringing warm metallic hues into your home, such as golds and coppers. These are perfect colors to add to your fireplace or coffee table displays. Another must for fall décor are wooden baskets. They are extremely versatile, whether you want to store things, hang them on your wall, use them in a display, or even repurpose them. Wooden baskets can serve many purposes and are incredibly easy to spot at any thrift store for a reasonable price. Check the ‘Home Decor’ section at your local thrift store and you will likely find a variety of sizes and designs.

Pillow covers, pillow covers, pillow covers! By simply changing out the covers on your couch pillows and leaving the original inserts, you can save money AND time. Stick with a warm, neutral palette to have a cozier “fall” feel. Some of our go-to’s include beige, brown, white, burnt orange, red, and cream.

Throw blankets are a necessity for every season! However, there’s nothing quite like cozying up by the fire with some hot cocoa and your favorite blanket at the peak of autumn. Luckily, something 2nd Ave Thrift Superstores have a plethora of are blankets. Whether you’re on the hunt for a quilted, knit, weighted, throw, sherpa, or even electric – you’re bound to find the perfect one at 2nd Ave! Blankets can be the perfect accent to a living room or bedroom and add a subtle pop of color in a neutral, warm space.

Bring on all the fall vibes with some of these simple decor hacks! Make sure to tag us on Instagram when you transform your favorite space with your #2ndavefinds. 🍁