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Helpful Tips for Getting the Most Out of Thrift Shopping

Helpful Tips for Getting the Most Out of Thrift Shopping

The best thrift shoppers are always improving their shopping routines to find quality items and great deals. There are a few ways you can improve your shopping game so you can thrift like a boss. Here are some helpful tips for getting the most out of thrift shopping.

Search With a Goal in Mind

Going into a thrift store without a goal can turn into a disaster. First, you end up wandering all around the store because you don’t know what you need to buy. Then, you may end up impulse buying, going over your budget, and then going back to the store to return most of the items. You can avoid this chaos by entering with a specific item in mind—such as furniture, clothing, shoes, accessories, et cetera—and shop only for that item when you’re there.

Scan the Aisles

Larger thrift stores can be overwhelming, so it’s helpful to narrow down your options. Instead of examining each item of clothing or every pair of shoes, try scanning instead. A quick scan through the clothes is usually all you need to see if something is for you, and it saves a lot of time and effort. Do you see something you like? Place it in the basket and try it on later.

Don’t Hesitate To Modify

Sometimes, you may find the perfect shirt or pair of jeans and then discover they’re too large. If you really like an item, don’t hesitate to modify it later. Size modifications allow you to purchase the clothing you love and provide more options at the thrift store.

Consult the Employees or a Friend

A great way to find the best items in a thrift store is to ask the employees or a friend who is a loyal customer. These people can help you find exactly what you want and give you tips about shopping at that particular store. They can also help you look for the items you need to save time.

After reading these helpful tips for getting the most out of thrift shopping, you’re well prepared for a thrift shop visit. On your next shopping trip, be sure to visit our thrift shops in Philadelphia for a great selection of quality items.