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How Fast Fashion Is Ruining the Environment

How Fast Fashion Is Ruining the Environment

Fast fashion may be a new term to some of you. In its most basic form, fast fashion refers to garments that are made very cheaply to resemble outfits that are popular with celebrities or in high fashion. This may seem harmless to some, but the ugly truth is that this trend of fast fashion is destroying our planet little by little. Let’s examine how fast fashion is ruining the environment so you can make an informed decision about whether to support it or not.

The Beginning of Fast Fashion

The very early origins of fast fashion can most likely be attributed to the Industrial Revolution. It was during this time that clothes and other items became much more inexpensive and easier to make. This allowed your average, everyday person to buy fashionable clothes on a regular basis, much more often than people normally bought clothes before. The downside of this manifests today in how those garments are produced with fossil fuels and synthetic materials.

The Effects of Fast Fashion

The real catch-22 of fast fashion is that companies use cheap materials to produce cheap clothing that breaks down quickly, yet the actual material itself never breaks down. Where do all these synthetic fibers derived from fossil fuels end up? Exactly where you’d think: in landfills, oceans, freshwater rivers and lakes, and the soil.

Without breaking down, these synthetic fibers continue to do harm to our environment for years and years. The factories producing them emit greenhouse gases that further degrade our planet. When these clothes are thrown away, they end up in landfills where they contribute to methane emissions, furthering the greenhouse effect. If they end up in the ocean, they contribute to the amount of plastic in our seas.

What Can We Do?

The effects of fast fashion are far-reaching, but we can make a difference with a few small changes. Continuing to educate people about its effects will help spread the word. Buying from reputable shops that use only sustainable practices will lower demand for these fast-fashion garments. Donating old clothes rather than throwing them away will give them new life somewhere else. The garbage can doesn’t have to be the eventual resting place for all of our clothes, and we have the responsibility to make sure it isn’t.

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