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How Thrift Stores Sort Through Their Donations

How Thrift Stores Sort Through Their Donations

So, you’ve finally managed to clean out your attic or basement and you’ve just made a sizeable donation to a thrift store. That’s wonderful! Being free of extra material burdens is worth every moment of organizing and deciding what should go. Maybe you’ve wondered what actually happens to all those clothes and knick-knacks you’ve donated. While each thrift store has slightly different practices, here is some 2nd Avenue information on how thrift stores sort through their donations.

It Begins in the Bin

Before anything can be done with donations, they must be brought to a store or warehouse. It’s there that all the magic happens. Thousands of items every day are examined and sorted—by (gloved) hand—into separate categories and their corresponding giant bins. Workers will check clothing and furniture for extremely obvious faults to make sure that what shows up on the retail sales floor is of the highest quality.

Sorting and Pricing

Once the products are separated, a sorter looks at each item individually. These professionals are lightning-quick and efficient at their jobs, sorting through hundreds of items every day. When everything has been categorized, they are sent to another station to be priced. Only those with the keenest eyes are kept here to closely examine every item that comes their way and assign the appropriate price tag. Items are then color-coded based on shelf-life and when they should be discounted before they are ready to be displayed.

Giving Back

Often, thrift stores want to give back as much as possible. Items that are deemed unsellable are delivered to various wholesalers who recycle or resell the items to developing countries. Items that are completely unusable are recycled as much as possible to ensure maximum sustainability.

Seeing how thrift stores sort through their donations can ease the process of getting rid of your old things. Knowing that everything possible is going to be reused or recycled makes it easier to let go; after all, you know it won’t just fall into a landfill. 2nd Avenue Stores is dedicated to keeping your items out of the trash and giving back to our communities. Check out some of our thrift stores in Baltimore, MD for the highest quality and lowest cost clothes, home items, and collectibles around.