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How To Become an Expert Thrifter

How To Become an Expert Thrifter
Thrift shopping is one of the best ways to find what you need at a great price. Check out this guide for becoming more of an expert on the ways of thrifting.

Thrift shopping has become a trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere—and that’s fantastic news for a lot of people. A thrift store is a great place to find fairly-priced, quality items. If you’re new to the world of thrifting, the scene can sometimes be a little intimidating. There’s a lot to choose from and a lot to look through before making a buy decision, so it’s understandable if the whole thing makes you a little overwhelmed. To help you feel like you can thrift shop with the best of them, we’ve prepared this guide on how to become an expert thrifter. Once you have these down, you’ll find yourself enjoying your thrift shopping experience a lot more.

Allot a Sizeable Chunk of Time

Thrifting is a very fun activity akin to treasure hunting. If you want to really come out ahead of the game, give yourself the right amount of time to accomplish your shopping goals. While it’s completely within the realm of possibility to find what you’re looking for right away, it’ll probably take more time than that. Remember, thrift shopping isn’t a race against the clock. There will always be more items in the future, even if you happen to miss a good one on your first trip. Give yourself enough time to get a thorough look around; you’ll be much more likely to find something you love.

Don’t Be Afraid To Leave Empty-Handed

When you first begin thrifting, it may seem like you’ve failed if you don’t leave the store with something you like. This is simply not true. Leaving empty-handed isn’t a failure, it’s recognizing you didn’t find a perfect fit and you’ll try again the next time. If you go to one of our 2nd Avenue thrift stores in Baltimore, for example, and don’t find what you were looking for, you can come back another day because we put out over 10,000 items a day. If you’d rather not wait, you can always go check out one of our other locations. Our stock is always changing—all the more reason to check back regularly for new items. With such a constantly changing stock, the fear of leaving empty-handed should have little reason to hold sway over you.

Make Frequent Return Trips

As we stated above, the stock of thrift stores is always changing. It’s one of the benefits of choosing to shop at a thrift store over a general retailer. We never know exactly what’s going to come through our doors any day of the week. If you’re looking for something in particular but don’t find it one day, check back the next day and we might have it on the shelves. Expert thrifters know our stock rotates frequently, so it’s best to check back as often as you are able so you don’t end up missing something that you would love.

Get To Know Our Staff

If you’re planning on becoming a frequent thrift shopper, you can do yourself a favor by interacting with our staff members on a regular basis. Our staff is more than happy to help you find a certain item or help you with your purchases. We want to know our customers just as well as they know us. If you know you’re going to be spending a lot of time in one of our stores, don’t be afraid to come up and say hello, or ask us any questions you may have. When it comes to thrifting, no one is more qualified to help you learn the ropes than our friendly staff.

Don’t Just Look for Clothes

When most people think of thrift shopping, clothes are the first things that come to mind. While it’s true we have a wide selection of clothing to choose from, that doesn’t have to be the only thing you come in and look for. A few of our other items on sale are:

All of these items and more are regular sights in a thrift store. Even if you don’t need clothes, you can still take advantage of thrifting and getting some great deals on a wide variety of things. This is one of the best parts about thrifting. You never know what you might find that will spark your interest and be something that you end up loving.

Always Be Aware of Upcoming Sales

As if you weren’t already saving enough money shopping at a thrift store instead of a big retailer, there are also sales to think about. If you want to turn a good deal into a great one, keep a close eye on thrift store sales, both current and upcoming. If you want to know how to become an expert thrifter, taking advantage of sales is one of the key components that separate the novice thrifters from the experts. This is one more reason you want to keep in contact with our staff, as they can let you know the best sales and what may be coming up in the future.

Have a Shopping Plan

One of the most important things you can do to prepare yourself for a day of thrifting is to plan ahead of time for what you want to find. While it can be very fun to go in without a plan and just see what you can find, oftentimes it’s wiser to have a clear-cut idea of what you want. Whether it’s clothing, furniture, jewelry, or something else, it helps to go in with a goal in mind to keep you on task. You never know when something else will catch your eye, but a plan can give you something to focus on, so you don’t become overwhelmed by all the choices.

2nd Avenue Thrift Superstores don’t just want you to come shopping, we want you to fully enjoy your time at our thrift stores. That’s why we only source the highest quality items for our stores, and why we’ve made this guide to help you become a better thrifter. Come see us at any of our locations and we’ll be happy to help you become a more experienced shopper.

How To Become an Expert Thrifter