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How To Buy Art While on a Budget

How To Buy Art While on a Budget

The world would be a much duller place without the work of fine artists. Our homes would also be much duller without their work. Nothing finishes a room like putting tasteful artwork on the walls. If you’ve looked into getting art for your place, you’ve probably run into some of the more expensive ways to buy it. Buying great art doesn’t have to clean out your wallet. We’ll give you a few tips on how to buy art while on a budget so you can liven up the walls of your abode.

Student Art Shows

If you’re being cautious with your funds but still want some great art, one of the best places to look is a student art show. Artists usually have to price their art based on the overall demand for them. What this means is that someone just starting out in their career will sell their art for cheaper than someone with a very recognizable name. Don’t discount their work because they’re students; many of them might have styles you appreciate more than a bigger name’s artwork.

Online Art Commissions

Knowing how to buy art while on a budget means understanding what you’re looking for. You can’t afford to waste money on something you won’t love for a long time. That’s where artist commissions come in. Search any social media platform, and you’ll find tons of artists looking to make their mark. Many of them will take commissions where you can explain exactly what you want, and they’ll make it for you. Find someone with an art style you’d like to display and negotiate a fair price for the work. The prices are usually reasonable unless you want to get something gigantic or overly complex.

Thrift Stores

We’d be disingenuous if we didn’t mention all the great artwork you can find at thrift stores. Whether we receive the pieces from move-outs, estate sales, or spring cleaning, we always fill our shelves with great artwork at 2nd Avenue. If you’re lucky, you may find something truly one of a kind among our stock that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Artwork doesn’t have to be impossible to find or make you go broke. You can check out one of our thrift stores in Philadelphia to see all the incredible artwork we get on a regular basis. Make sure to check back with 2nd Ave Thrift Superstores often. Our stock changes regularly, and you never know when you’ll find the next perfect picture for your home.