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Items You Should Buy Secondhand Instead of New

Items You Should Buy Secondhand Instead of New

Buying brand-new things all the time is a quick way to have an empty bank account. Why bother spending exorbitant amounts of money just to get items that you can find much cheaper and barely used? There’s a reason thrift stores and secondhand shops are so popular—more people are beginning to understand the great deals you can get at them! We’ve made a quick list of items you should buy secondhand instead of new so you never have to waste your money on something you can easily find elsewhere.


Gently used furniture from estate sales, clearances, and move-outs are more common than you might believe. Furniture is a hassle to deal with at times, so plenty of people leave it behind, barely used, when they move somewhere new. If you’re in the market for furniture, you know how expensive buying it new is in most cases. Don’t waste your money when you could get furniture that’s in comparable condition for much less money.

Designer Clothes

Thrift stores are great grab bags of all sorts of different clothing. Depending on the shop, you never know what treasures you might find hidden in the racks. Designer clothing is only so expensive because you’re paying for the brand itself rather than the article of clothing. Skip the over-the-top brand name stores and go on a hunt in your local thrift shop instead. The deals you can get on designer clothing will absolutely amaze you!


Whether you need “how to” books or books simply for leisure reading, you can find them at places other than the chain bookstores—who can mark up the price on a single book just because they’re the ones carrying it. Instead of dealing with that, buy your books used instead. You’ll save a ton of money on books that you may want, but you can also find books you might not find in the chain stores for pennies on the dollar.

Sports Equipment

Items you should definitely buy secondhand instead of new—especially if you’re new to a particular sport—is sporting equipment. You don’t want to go all in on a new sport unless you know it’s for you, but what if you can’t play that sport without the right equipment? That’s where your friendly, local thrift store comes into play. You’ll be glad you bought sports equipment used, especially if you end up not enjoying the sport as much as you thought you would.

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