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Shopping Tips for Buying Used Shoes

Shopping Tips for Buying Used Shoes

There are lots of things you can buy used. Items for the home, new clothes for the family, TVs—the list is nearly endless. People end up being quite hesitant about buying shoes used, however. They worry that they’re too worn or just not a good enough fit for their foot. However, if you follow a few solid tips, you can end up getting some incredible shoes for a great price. Check out our shopping tips for buying used shoes to learn more!

Look in Different Sections

This is essential for any thrift shopper—don’t look solely in your section. You can get awesome shoes in the kids’ section that fits your adult-sized feet. Maybe a pair of men’s sneakers is just what you’ve been looking for. When you expand your shopping spectrum, you give yourself a better chance of success.

Don’t Stress About Molding to Your Feet

People often talk about not buying shoes used because of how they’ll be molded to the previous owner’s foot, not the shopper’s own feet. Now, of course, nobody wants to buy shoes that are too well worn, but if you find a pair in good condition, you shouldn’t let molding your foot to the shoe discourage you. Why? Because you can always purchase new inserts so that the shoes mold to your own feet!

Don’t Let Dirt Dissuade You

Some people are really good at finding secondhand shoes. The main reason for that typically comes from their ability to not let dirt dissuade them. There are so many ways you can clean and make shoes look brand-new again. If there are scuffs, you can fix them. If there’s mud, you can clean that. If there aren’t any critical defects, then you can easily spruce up the shoes to fit your needs.

Check for Critical Defects

There are some shoes you just shouldn’t buy used. Why? Because you won’t get anything out of them if they’re already too broken to fix. The number one shoe defect you need to avoid is a midsole crack. There’s no easy fix for this one, so avoid it at all costs. You should also try to avoid any heel separation on any type of shoe; these often occur because of age and lack of care. There are a few other critical defects to look out for, but they mostly depend on how much work you want to put into fixing the shoe.

Head to Trusted Shops

Some thrift shops put more effort into providing shoppers with high-quality, secondhand merchandise—head to these stores. Once you get there, take your time! Rushing through the store is sure to lead to a missed opportunity. Therefore, when you shop at a place that offers good products and you take your time as you meander the store, then you’re sure to find the secondhand shoes that work best for you!

Hopefully, these shopping tips for buying used shoes will provide you with the confidence you need to go out and find a beautiful pair of secondhand shoes! When you’re looking for a trusted store, look to 2nd Avenue Stores. With thrift shops in Philadelphia, PA, you’re sure to find something golden when you visit us. Make sure to follow proper precautions to keep yourself and our workers safe!