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Three Key Reasons to Buy Secondhand Bags

Three Key Reasons to Buy Secondhand Bags

Is your current purse bursting at the seams? Do you need a bag in a different neutral? Whatever your reason may be, lots of people turn to secondhand stores for their purses. Below, we’ll delve into three of the key reasons to buy secondhand bags. Once you read this, you won’t want to pay full price for a new one ever again!

They’re Better for the Environment

Thrifting is good for the planet, and that applies to more than clothes. You can purchase so many different items from thrift shops, and doing so will always help the environment. How? Because when buying a secondhand shirt, you’re sidestepping the waste of energy and resources required to produce brand-new items. It’s recycling in its simplest form.

When it comes to secondhand bags specifically, there is a reduced pressure to extract the raw materials from the environment in order to create the new bags. When you buy secondhand, you play a role in environmental preservation. Not to mention, buying said bag will keep it from the landfills!

The Pricing!

Probably one of the biggest reasons to buy secondhand bags comes from the fantastic pricing! Secondhand bags are relatively inexpensive compared to new ones. Sure, the luxury brands will still be relatively more expensive, but they’ll be significantly cheaper than brand-new versions. Spending a lot of cash on a new item when you know you can still get a high-quality, similar item for less is what makes many shoppers turn to thrifting in the first place. Best part is—you can end up getting two or three used bags for the same amount of money as one brand-new bag!

Find Unique Styles

One of our favorite parts of buying purses from thrift shops and secondhand stores is that you can find so many unique styles. You can find limited edition purses, special colors, and more when you look through the purse section. But apart from that, you’ll also find different styles all in one place. You can find clutches, big totes, fashion backpacks, and a wide variety of shoulder bags. You’ll find plenty of gems all in one location.

Hopefully, these three reasons showcased the power of secondhand shopping when it comes bags. If you’re looking for a place to shop with an excellent bag selection, head to 2nd Avenue Stores. All of our thrift stores are now open—check our website to see our new hours of operation and the precautions we’re taking for your safety and our own.