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Thrift Shop Etiquette Everyone Should Know

Thrift Shop Etiquette Everyone Should Know

Thrift shopping can be a great hobby for some, while others take it much more seriously. No matter your level of commitment, some nuances of shopping in a thrift store are important to keep in mind. If you’re just starting out in the world of thrifting, these are things you want to know so that everyone can shop in peace and find what they need. Here is some thrift shop etiquette everyone should know that will make your thrift shop trips more enjoyable.

Be Aware Of Other Shoppers

Thrift Stores can get a little crowded, especially if you go during peak hours. What’s important to remember is that everyone is there for the same reason: to find great items at even better prices. Don’t think of other shoppers as competition—you all have the same goal. Be courteous to other shoppers, and you’ll receive the same courtesy in return.

Watch Your Children Closely

We love to see parents bring their children to our stores. However, as much fun as thrift shopping is, thrift stores aren’t playgrounds. To avoid any accidental damage to items on shelves and to further respect your fellow shoppers, try to keep your kids close by and within your range of vision. It’s easy to lose yourself among all the goodies, but make sure your children aren’t the ones getting lost.

Put Things You Don’t Want Back

One piece of thrift shop etiquette everyone should know is that it’s good practice to try to put things you don’t want back where you found them. This courtesy allows someone who may need that exact piece to find it in the right place. Also, leaving a mess of clothes in the dressing room only makes it more difficult to use for the next person.

Only Take What You Can Use

We want everyone to leave our stores happy with what they found. Some people who are new to thrift shopping decide to take as much stuff as they can carry out of the store. Remember that there will always be new stock later on, so only take what you can currently use, and there will be enough to go around for everyone.

Don’t Take Too Long in the Dressing Room

Clothing is one of our best sellers, and a lot of people need to use the dressing rooms at the same time. We want you to make sure you get something that fits but keep your fellow shoppers in mind when you go into a dressing room with a pile of clothes. Taking a very long time in there can make shopping take much longer for people who just want to get in and out quickly.

2nd Avenue’s thrift shop in Pennsauken, NJ, is ready to see you walk through its doors! We want everyone who comes into our stores to have a positive experience, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need assistance.