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Thrift Store Challenge Ideas To Try

Thrift Store Challenge Ideas To Try

Strange as it may seem, even shopping at your local thrift store can become just another routine you have. The only problem with this is that thrift shopping is supposed to be fun! So we’ve come up with a few thrift store challenge ideas to try the next time you come and visit us. These challenges will get you looking in new places, grabbing outside-the-box finds, and having a lot of fun along the way.

The “Dress Each Other” Challenge

Thrift shopping is great when you do it for yourself, but it can be even more interesting when you do it for someone else. All you need for this challenge is someone you trust to make an outfit you could actually see yourself wearing. Give each other a spending limit and a time limit and try to find the perfect ensemble for the other person using only items you find in the store. Not only will this break you out of the habit of just looking for things for yourself, but you might also end up with a new outfit you would never have considered before.

The Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Thrift stores are nothing if not treasure troves to explore. A scavenger hunt is a great inducement to look at different departments and items in the store. You can make the items as specific or generic as you want. For example:

The exact parameters are yours to have fun with, but the idea is to get out of your thrifting comfort zone and really have a thorough look around for stuff you may not have considered before.

The “Full Outfit” Challenge

If you’re looking to try a thrift store challenge, this is a good one for when your wardrobe starts looking a little thin. In a group, challenge everyone to find enough clothes and accessories to make a full outfit for themselves. There are a couple of ways to decide who wins this challenge. You could go by whose outfit the group likes the most, or you could see who made the most coherent outfit for the lowest price possible. Whatever you decide, the point of this challenge is to come away from the store with a whole new look.

2nd Ave Thrift Superstore in Laurel, Maryland the perfect place to try out these challenge ideas. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from the staff if you’re stuck on anything; we’ll be glad to help you win your challenge in whatever way we can!