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Timeless Home Décor Items You Can Buy at Thrift Stores

Timeless Home Décor Items You Can Buy at Thrift Stores

When someone thinks of thrift stores, their mind usually goes right to the clothes you can get there. While thrift stores are ideal places to get great clothes for a great price, those aren’t the only things that thrift stores offer. Home décor items are a huge part of thrift stores’ selections and they can be extremely useful in making your home stand out. Check out a few of the timeless home décor items you can buy at thrift stores.

Picture Frames

If there’s one thing that won’t go out of style, it’s having nice things to put on your walls. Thrift stores often have a huge selection of picture frames in tons of different styles. From old-school to modern and simple to extravagant, you won’t have a better slew of options than when checking out a thrift store’s picture frame section.


Among all the homeware you’ll find in thrift stores, plates and other dinnerware are very common. Especially if you’re starting somewhere new, thrift stores can have beautiful dinnerware at a fraction of the cost of buying it new. If you’re lucky, you may even find some fine china or something vintage if you search hard enough.

Wood Furniture

While you won’t find entire living rooms, thrift stores are great for finding accent pieces for different rooms. Well-loved wooden furniture is often donated to thrift stores and can be easily restored if they are not already in great condition. You can find things that look great as-is or will look amazing with a little extra effort put into them.


As long as people live in houses, they will want them to look bigger. Mirrors can be great at this and prevent you from having to knock down any walls. Mirrors are perfect to get at thrift stores because you will have a wide range of styles to choose from to match your own décor or go outside the box and get something truly unique.


Useful in both form and function, books can be great display pieces even if you never get around to reading them. Old books can often have that chic, vintage look you’re going for and are perfect for filling up an empty shelf. Keep an eye out for anything rare or intricate—you never know what you might find at your local thrift store.

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