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Top Tips for Thrifting Home Décor

Top Tips for Thrifting Home Décor

More often than not, when people think about going to a thrift store, they imagine the rows upon rows of affordable clothing. While that is certainly a fantastic reason to come to one of our stores, there’s more than just clothes nestled in those aisles. Among them is a wide array of home décor items that you might not be able to find anywhere else. The eclectic selection of items that we have on display may be a lot to take in once you get there, so we’ve compiled some of the top tips for thrifting home décor; that way, you can get the most out of your time.

Prepare Before You Head Out

While heading to a thrift store without a plan in mind and just seeing what you can find is fun, home décor items might take a little bit more of a plan to get right. You’ll want to look around your home and find places that look a little barren or boring and imagine the kinds of objects you could put there to liven them up. Make a list of items that you are definitely looking for—for example, consider if you need a lamp for your bedroom or a centerpiece for your dining room table, and keep those pieces at the top of the list. Then, make a more general list below of items that you would be interested in obtaining. This way, you’re not going into the store without some kind of plan.

Go as Often as You Can

Just like with clothing, our home décor items go quickly once they’re out on the shelves. This means going to the home décor section of your local thrift shop as often as you can because new items are sent to the sales floor all day. You can never really predict what you’ll find there or when a great item will only be on display for a day or two before it’s snatched up.

Don’t Be Afraid To Go Outside the Box

Whether or not your home already has a sense of design or a certain aesthetic shouldn’t affect your ability to find something you’ll love at one of our stores. Sometimes, buying something that doesn’t quite fit the rest of your home’s theme can actually pull everything together. Don’t be afraid to pick up something purely as a conversation piece or because of it’s unique qualities. Items like these can give a home some real personality.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Overwhelmed

When you have your list and you’re ready to hit the store, it can be helpful to set up something like a timer so that you are less incentivized to get distracted by all the other items on display. If you’re thrifting specifically for home décor, you don’t want to minimize your time or energy on browsing for new clothes or shoes. Stick to your list as much as possible, and when you’ve finished with it, let yourself look over everything else that you only glanced at. That is the moment you’ll find something you weren’t looking for, but it might just be the best find you get that day.

Search for the Brand Label

If you really want to get an incredible deal on a piece of furniture or décor, you’re going to have to do some digging. You never know what kind of brands people will donate or that get lost in estate sales. It’s worth the time to check every inch of a piece that you like to see if you can find a brand name for it. This will give you a better idea of the piece’s value and, if you’re lucky, you may just be able to find something vintage or rare.

Dig Deep for the Best Finds

It may be easy to simply scan the aisles quickly, but you may miss out on some items if you don’t take your time. Reach into the back of shelves, move things out of the way, and really get in there if you want to find the best stuff. Sometimes, the stuff at the front of the shelf is just in the way of the perfect item for your home, so don’t be afraid to really get in there.

Items To Keep an Eye Out For

There are some home items that lend themselves well to being bought in a thrift shop. You should definitely keep your eyes peeled for these certain items while you’re out shopping.

Baskets and Bowls

These pieces are seemingly very simple but buying these from retail stores can actually put you back more than you would think. Baskets and bowls are also super versatile, you can make them into furniture, planters, wall hangings, and all sorts of other useful home items.

Artwork and Wall Hangings

Looking to give your walls a unique feel? Our thrift stores have lots of artwork and wall hangings that you won’t find anywhere else. Not only are they unique, but they’ll also be much cheaper than anything you’ll find at a retail home goods store.

Kitchen Items

A kitchen needs a lot of things to be considered complete. Thankfully, a lot of those tools and cooking instruments can be found at thrift stores. You might even find some nice wine glasses or your new favorite coffee mug if you look around enough.


Whether you’re looking for the next great read or you just want your shelves to be a little less barren, books are easy to find at almost any thrift store. They make great additions to any room and can be put on display as much as you want or left in the background as subtle décor.


If you’re trying to class up your place a little, you can go a long way with a nice mirror. Not only will you find some truly unique mirrors to add to a room’s aesthetic, but they also are great for making small spaces seem much bigger.

2nd Avenue Thrift Stores wanted to provide these top tips for thrifting home décor because we want you to get the most out of your thrift shopping adventures. Come check out our thrift store in Union, NJ, or one of our many other locations, for the best in home décor items. You’ll be amazed at the innovative and unique items that a little time and imagination can provide.

Top Tips for Thrifting Home Décor