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Valuables To Keep an Eye Out for in Thrift Stores

Valuables To Keep an Eye Out for in Thrift Stores

When you have a keen eye, you can find a lot of treasures at your local thrift store. It’s not uncommon for us to receive items that are more valuable than the donors realized when they brought them in. If you can spot these treasures, you just might get yourself something really valuable or collectible. Here are some of the valuables to keep an eye out for in thrift stores while you search for what you really came in for.

Real Silver

Flatware and silverware are fairly common donations at thrift stores. If you’re lucky enough, someone will donate what they believe to be flatware that is actually real silver. Contrary to what you may think, you want to check the tarnished silver items first. Silver does tarnish over time, but you can easily polish it back to its original sheen and add something truly unique to your collection.

Colored Glass

Many antique collectors salivate over the thought of old, well-kept colored glassware. Cups, pitchers, bowls, cooking dishes—if you see any of these items in a funky, colored glass material, you may have stumbled onto something incredible. This glass used to be more common, but now it’s a valuable commodity.


Jadeite is a valuable you want to look out for in thrift stores. You can sell this milky green material for a lot more than you’ll buy it for at secondhand prices. Buyer beware, however, as there are plenty of jadeite lookalikes out there. Look for a stamp on the bottom of true jadeite bearing one of these names: McKee, Jeanette, or Fire King. Those names let you know you’ve found the real thing.

Gilded Picture Frames

If you inspect those many picture frames closely enough, you may just strike gold—literally. Some older picture frames are inlaid or even plated with real gold. If you find one of these picture frames in solid condition, you could sell that gold for quite a pretty penny.

First Edition Books

Reselling books, specifically signed or first edition copies, can net you quite a nice payday if you know where to look. We get books all the time in our stores, but not everyone checks how rare or valuable they are. No matter what the book’s subject matter is, a first edition printing is most likely valuable to someone out there.

Are you in the market for something valuable? You could always check out our thrift store in Bladensburg, MD and try your luck at finding something spectacular. Our stock changes hourly, so make sure you come in often to check out the new finds.