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Ways To Make the Most of Thrift Store Clothing Finds

Ways To Make the Most of Thrift Store Clothing Finds

Shopping at any thrift store is a little bit like a treasure hunt. You never know what you’re going to find and finding some extraordinary is a big thrill. It’s moments like those that make thrift store shopping better than simple retail shopping. Not every item is going to match your style perfectly, but with a little help, you can certainly find something that will suit your tastes. We’ve compiled some ways to make the most of thrift store clothing finds so that you can head into one of our stores prepared for the search.

Keep an Eye Out for Top Brands

One of the best parts of shopping at a thrift store is the opportunity to find something incredible amidst the racks. Tempting as it is to buy as many things as possible given their low prices, a more thorough search will help you find truly great deals. Often, people donate high-quality branded clothing without realizing its original value. This is your chance to acquire something truly special for a fraction of the cost.

Know the Current Trends

If you really want to stay in style without breaking the bank, check out a few of your favorite retail stores before heading to your local thrift shop. Take notes of what seems to be trending in their fashion. Perhaps there’s a certain pattern that is popular right now or a certain style of pants that is getting lots of buzz. This information can help you find the items in your thrift store that match up to these trends without paying trendy prices.

Remove Signs of Wear

It’s not unusual to find great clothes that have some kind of wear already in them. Don’t let this deter you from buying them, though. Most of the problems you’ll find are relatively easy to fix. If the clothes are pilled, a quick and gentle once over with a razor can slice them right off. If you find clothes you like that are faded, don’t be afraid to re-dye them. With a few minutes of modification, those clothes will look good as new.

Make Sure To Check Each Laundering Instruction

Given the vast variety of clothing you’ll find, many of them will have different needs when it comes to laundering them. If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your thrift store finds, you’ll want to check each tag individually to clean the garments properly. It’s one of the easier ways to ensure that you don’t accidentally wash something incorrectly and ruin it permanently.

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