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Ways To Stretch Your Clothing Budget

Ways To Stretch Your Clothing Budget

There is no way around it—clothes are expensive. This is especially true if you continually buy your clothes brand-new from name-brand stores. You should always consider the price of clothes when budgeting your money. Luckily, there are several ways to stretch your clothing budget so you can get the most out of your money.

Buy From Thrift Stores

If you really want to get the most clothes for each dollar spent, thrift stores are the best option. Not only do they have large, eclectic collections of clothes you might not be able to find anywhere else, but they are also a fraction of the cost of buying these items new. You can even find incredible vintage or name-brand items that would normally sell for a ton more in a regular store. If you are looking to save money, thrift stores need to become your new best friend.

Repair Items Instead of Replacing Them

Too many people see that a garment has a hole in it and immediately go out to buy a new one. Obviously, if the garment is beyond repair, you should buy something else, but you can easily fix small tears or rips along seams, either by yourself or with the help of a professional. Hiring a professional to repair your clothes is often much cheaper than buying something brand new.

Buy Out of Season

Don’t fall into the trap of buying necessary clothes for winter or summer in the middle of those seasons. Seasonal clothing items, such as winter jackets or swimsuits, often go on sale during their off-months. That is the perfect time to pick up something new.

Use Hand-Me-Downs

This is especially useful when trying to stretch your budget for children, but you can do it for yourself too. Ask close friends if they have any clothes they want to get rid of and offer to take them off their hands. You can even arrange a clothing swap event where people you know come together to trade clothes they don’t need anymore.

Always Use Coupons

If you must go into a traditional store, always go in prepared. Many of the biggest name brands have websites and apps that give you coupons regularly. If you need to buy something brand new, wait until you have a good coupon for it. Chances are good that the normal price is an upsell price to begin with, and the coupon price is what you should really pay for the item.

Even using a few of these techniques to stretch your clothing budget can save you plenty of money for more important things. 2nd Avenue strives to bring you the highest quality clothes at the lowest prices. Our thrift store in North Wales is ready for you to check out all the great savings we have to offer!