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What is “nowstalgia” and how thrifting fits in.

What Is “Nowstalgia” and How Thrifting Fits In

The fashion world sees all kinds of shifting trends every year. In recent years, we have seen a rise in trends that celebrate a feeling of nostalgia for the not-so-distant past. Gen Z has created a new trend by recycling popular styles from previous eras. This article will discuss what “nowstalgia” is and how thrifting fits in.

What is “nowstalgia”

“Nowstalgia” is a phrase that describes the desire to return to a period of time that an individual never actually experienced. It describes the feeling of fondness for memories that one merely imagines. Perhaps the feeling strikes when you see a polaroid from the 70s of your parents, and you yearn for the days when things seemed simpler and freer. Of course, you never actually lived through that particular memory or time, but somehow you have a feeling of nostalgia for it nonetheless.

90s nowstalgia

In recent years, nowstalgia for the 90s has erupted in the Gen Z fashion world. All the kids who grew up right as the golden era of the 90s was coming to an end are beginning to feel like they missed out on something. This is where nowstalgia comes into the picture. A whole new generation of young people is looking back at a period of time they never experienced and are taking their own personal style stab at it.

Clothing trends

All the clothes and trends of the late 90s and early aughts are back in style. You can see teens sporting once-popular velour tracksuits, platform flip-flops, and a few toe rings. The low-rise jeans that were famous in the days of the Spice Girls and Britney Spears have made their way back into the mainstream. So have the flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and chunky boots the grunge era was synonymous with. More importantly, Gen Z is putting their own stamp on these styles—as well as their hairstyles: long, big, and yes, even mullets. Hello, 80s and Members Only jackets, big shoulders, and neon colors. It’s all back with a vengeance.

How thrifting fits in

As the idea of nowstalgia and demands grow, we see stores loading up on past trends, but when hasn’t fashion been cyclical? It’s just that we don’t normally see a decade or two coming back at a time. For those of us old enough it brings back fond memories. For those of us young enough it makes us “nowstalgic” and to be a part of it.

That’s why thrifting has always been a great way to find “true” items from decades gone by. And they’re budget-friendly, too.

Thrifting the nowstalgia look

Searching for the perfect outfit to showcase the “nowstalgia look” is becoming a beloved pastime for young adults and teens. Spending countless weekend afternoons scouring thrift store racks and shelves for the ideal pair of lowrise jeans has practically become a sport.

Successful thrifting takes a good eye and careful attention to detail. You can find the best looks for the best deals if you stay aware and keep your eyes peeled. It’s helpful to make a list or a mood board of all the trends you are looking to find that day, so you have a point of reference for the outfit you’d like to create. Stay focused while shopping and look for anything that feels relevant to the era and trends that you want to try. Check each section of the store to make sure you’re not missing any essential pieces. Look for colors, styles, patterns, textures, and fits that emulate that 90s nowstalgia look.

Practice makes perfect, so take your time and get comfortable with your own thrifting style. If you use a little patience and determination, you are sure to find the perfect outfit to recreate the look you have in mind.

Thank thrift stores & gen z

The nowstalgia movement took over the fashion world by storm, and it couldn’t have done so without the help of thrift stores all over the world. Of course, we also have the innovative minds of Gen Z to thank for setting the trend. Nowstalgia is a fun and unique way to celebrate the style of a time’s past while utilizing thrifting along the way. With nowstalgia, you get the chance to express yourself in totally new ways, which is what fashion trends are really all about in the first place.

Now that you can answer the question, “What is ‘nowstalgia’ and how does thrifting fit in?” you can start finding your own way to recreate the trend today! Check out the 2nd Ave.® Thrift Superstore™ in Columbia, MD to find the perfect nowstalgia look. Get creative and have fun with the process.What Is “Nowstalgia” and How Thrifting Fits In