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Why young fashion designers love thrift stores.

Why Young Fashion Designers Love Thrift Stores

Thrift stores can be a treasure trove of items from jewelry and paintings to homeware and electronics. One of the most sought-after is clothing, and sometimes you can find vintage or big name brands and always one-of-a-kind finds. The almost endless supply of clothing has made thrift stores a go-to location for up-and-coming designers who draw inspiration from the selection. Here are a few other reasons why young fashion designers love thrift stores.

Sustainable Style

Sadly, the fashion industry joins the top leaders in producing large amounts of greenhouse gases and waste, and fast fashion has become a constant and growing environmental factor. Thrifting for clothes is more sustainable, reduces waste, and keeps reusable clothing out of landfills. Compared to previous generations, many younger designers prioritize sustainability, using what’s already out there while finding inventive ways of creating stylish collections.

Creative Challenges

Thrift-flipping is when you transform an old item into something new. It allows things of the past a second chance and purpose, revitalizing and optimizing their materials. Trying to thrift-flip clothes into modernized, different, and more personal outfits gives fashion enthusiasts a creative challenge to further explore their craft and talent in design. Upcycling clothes includes adding new buttons, cutting out designs or materials for other projects, and embellishing.

Unique Finds

What’s available at thrift stores in Woodbridge, VA, won’t be the same as the treasures in a thrift store in another city. Each thrift store offers unique collections and one-of-a-kind finds, making the treasure hunt all the more exciting.

With more designers and thrifters focusing on sustainability, challenging the status quo without comprising style, and finding great deals thrifting, it’s easy to see why young fashion designers love thrift stores, and an exciting time to see what happens next.

Here’s our challenge for you: Find a dress or a pair of thrifted pants and see how you can upcycle them to create a look that’s uniquely yours.