Our Impact

2nd Ave. Thrift Superstores™ are committed to the environment with our Green Initiatives. We recycle all unsold clothing and household items which frees landfills from millions of pounds of waste — annually.

Our impact

Reducing Landfill Waste

Textile waste represents up to 5% of our landfills. The textile recycling industry removes 2.5 billion pounds of post consumer textiles from the waste stream annually. Approximately 500 million pounds are used by the collection companies, with the balance sold to textile recyclers, including clothing wholesalers and exporters, commercial wiping rag producers, and fiber recyclers.

Supporting local economies

Supporting Local Economies

2nd Ave. Thrift Superstores™ recycling efforts benefit local and national economies through job creation and payment of taxes. Used clothing is the eighth largest U.S. export and the textile recycling industry employs over 1.25 million people in the U.S.

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In 2020, 2nd Ave. Thrift Superstores™ recycled over 100 million pounds of materials.

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